Chapter 16 : Home Sweet Home (2003)

Six months have been passed by working in Bangkok and the major difficulties I was facing were of Thai language and food, still, I do not get used to food over there. All I use to do that after my breakfast I skip my lunch but for a long time I could not handle this so I thought of trying chicken and went to KFC restaurant for that, for the first time I tried chicken over there.

Then slowly I get used to it along with MC Donald and pizza as well. Frequently I started having these food items in my dinner as well, I still have less food during my lunchtime as still I don’t understand the Thai language nor even, I have any idea about their food items. The third issue with me was when I went out for lunch with my colleagues and they always order on my behalf so I never felt the need of learning the Thai language as with them I talk in English nor there was any need of exploring Thai food or anything related to it, so it became my comfort zone and just wanted to be in my world.

Time was passing like that only, but whenever I think of going back to India, it makes me panic such as I might not lose all this fun and the way I am living in Bangkok. So, I always use to ignore whenever my boss asks me to visit India and reply to him that I will visit after a year.

Chapter 16 : Home Sweet Home (2003) 1

Further, some circumstances built like my boss offered me to open one IT company or can say a new department of IT within their company only and also ask me to build a small team from Dehradun along with my friends, as I was living there. I agreed with my boss and contact a few of my Dehradun friends, told them that we are planning to open an office over there and we need 2-3 people for that, by listening to this my friends agreed to join me.

During the initial opening of the IT department, I ask one of my friends to provide me one room on rent for work and he helps me out with that, further my few friends join me with that and in all the process I guided them. Our planning was to outsource the work of Bangkok over there as well, while in-house work was also there and few ideas were there which I cannot execute alone myself. The team was required for that and at that time we were not taking any other projects. I and my boss thought that just give it a trial of six months to this IT work, further, we’ll see what next should be done. I build a small branch in India, yet it wasn’t registered but they were working as a freelancer with us.

One day my boss told me lets go on an India tour, from being South Madras via Hyderabad to Delhi and finally at Dehradun, it will help me to meet my Indian friends and our working team in Dehradun. While with a smile he said to me that all expenses will be bare by him so I should not worry about it.

I agreed with that and after a long time of six months, I visit India and that happiness was unmeasurable for me, to meet my family and emotions, it was that kind of feeling for me. I had purchase lots of gifts for everyone and was enjoying the love and care provided by my family members. I was getting a feel of an NRI person. Along with my boss, I went to Hyderabad then Delhi, and finally went to Dehradun.

While my boss uses to stay in the hotel in Dehradun and I use to stay with my family over there, further, we had few meetings with our team working from Dehradun and had team dinner as well which make my boss understand them more. My boss told me that he has to go back now to Bangkok, and I can come after a week, as he visited once at my home as well.

During that visit to India, I was overwhelmed by emotions and love gave to me, so for a week I stay in India and cherish all the memories with my loved ones. I spend a nice quality time with them, and I felt an awesome feeling at that point in time. A week gets over and my heart becomes heavy with emotions while several thoughts started running into my head such as daily I use to sit and work with my friend in Dehradun and my family’s love and care, won’t be there in Bangkok, I am going to miss everything but anyhow I have to go back, so I went back to Bangkok.

This was the story of one year only of 2003, can say of October/November period was there. As usual, work was going on, till December arrived the project on which we were working seems to be not giving expected results, so my boss suggested that start taking projects from outside such as if someone wants to build a website or any other IT related work, as we do have a team and I can make them work on it. This will help to incur their salary and it will be beneficial for us as well, as we have an office in Bangkok and in Vietnam as well.

My boss told me to visit once in Vietnam city and explore the market over there. It was the second country I visited over there in Ho Chi Minh City in 2004. I love traveling so I was very happy and explore everything over there, related to food, market, people, etc, while I stayed for a week over there. Then I came back to Bangkok and everything was upon me as I was handling the position of director of the IT team, for example, to look after team salary and to get projects and all other works were my responsibilities.

In 2004 I went one step ahead in my career by handling a small team of IT companies and taking all their responsibilities. From here a new journey of mine started in the way to become a businessman. This was the end of this phase and the further story will continue in my next post. Thank you!

Written by Ajay Kumar
An Indian Living in Bangkok, Thailand. By profession, I am an e-Business Consultant & Entrepreneur. My Hobbies are Traveling & Living a Healthy Lifestyle.