Chapter 20 : Started My Business (2012-2014)

Moving ahead, as I said in my previous story that it has been 3 years I was working from home, on my traveling project but I wasn’t getting much success in it and if things were going like this, so sooner my bank balance will get empty. While I was not interested to do any job work.

The only option I can see is to start my own business, as my company was registered but I was not doing any business. In 2012, I decided that I am going to devote myself to building my own business with full dedication. So firstly, I was not getting any feel or challenge that I am starting a business as the place where I was staying was consist of one room, where on the table one computer was there and nothing else.

Chapter 20 : Started My Business (2012-2014) 1

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The first challenge was that from where I will get business, the second was I need a place and team to set any business, while I don’t have any background of any project. First, I plan to have a house consist of two rooms, wherein one room will be for my work and the second one for my stay so that I can get the feeling of an office environment which was essential for that time.

Chapter 20 : Started My Business (2012-2014) 2

In Jaipur, India

At the place where I was staying, two-room apartments were available by giving 2 to 3 thousand more Thai Baht. it was okay for me as I just want such a kind of house where I can start my business by keeping some chairs, tables, computers, etc. I can work with full focus. I change my apartment and build my office room as well, now was thinking of where to bring business.

I build one website name MVM Infotech, then collect all the data from the visiting cards and Emails communication was there with me during my past working time. I started sending everyone Emails by mentioning details about my business along with its website name. all-around four to five hundred people’s data I had with me. In return I got few people to reply that some want to build their website, some want to host, domain, etc when inquiries use to come, I went to meet such clients in order to get some business.

I have one friend in India with whom I had a deal that if I get any project, I will ask him to do it for me. Like this, I started getting small projects and I was getting my confidence back in my life in 2012, that I can do business plus I can survive too. I work hard in 2012 in my business. Every morning I use to sit in front of my computer and check or connect with LinkedIn, send Emails, and directory, my focus was to connect with the Indian people staying in Bangkok and Thailand.

Chapter 20 : Started My Business (2012-2014) 3

Few clients use to provide me an appointment and to enquire about my business, etc. so previously I was doing one traveling business that I closed. In 2012, I went to Vietnam in the hope that few meetings and my known people will help me out in getting business and I can do some marketing over there. But it didn’t work out for me, I realized that I should focus on my Bangkok customers, and suddenly in between all this I got the news that my father was no more, which was shocking for me and this happens in Delhi.

I visited India and because of this incident I must travel two to three times, it was sad and tough for me to handle but somehow, I overcome it. My 2012 end with the confidence of having the capability of running a business. In 2013, I work hard for my business and gain more profit and projects than I had in 2012, it makes gain more confidence and in the last two years, I was fully devoted to my business only. I was able to incur all my expenses and to take a salary plus saving, it makes me work even harder. I started one dream project of mine in 2013 named Exploring Tourism and started my closed projects with concepts at the end of 2013 (December).

Chapter 20 : Started My Business (2012-2014) 4

The year 2011, during a flood in Bangkok

In 2014, I make sure that my business grows more and exactly that happens, while first time my mother visited Thailand and spend good time with her as from the time I started living in Thailand it was 10years, she visited the first time and I make sure she enjoy over here. While I focus on my travel project by increasing networks in 113 countries (current one) while in the initial time it was 10 or 12 networks, in 2014 I was not generating any income from my travel project, I was just working on it.

I thought that my main business was working good so if my travel project was my dream project, if it failed down then also not to worry, at least I give it a chance. Then in April 2014, I got a project from Laos and the client ask me to visit over there, so I went there for a meeting and I also visited Phuket to meet the client. One personal situation happens in my life which I cannot describe over here but I can say that it changes me a lot.

At that time I was working on my travel business, so my partner at Honk Kong invite me to visit his place, while all expenses will be bear by him from tour till living and everything, so I got that opportunity also to explore one more country. After that I must visit china as well, so I went over there also, and I can see that my travel business was also growing. Do check my post and pictures on my blog.

Then in September my sister visited over here and that was also a good time spend with her, while after that my younger sister visit Thailand and with her I travel lots of places in Thailand including Phuket, Koh Yao Yai To Aonang, Krabi: Thailand. I traveled to many places in October 2014, along with my sister, which was an awesome time for me. Like these 3 years of being a businessman gets over and my 2014 also get over wherein my mother, sisters, and few cousins also visit over here. All over I did much better growth of business in 2014. Thank you!

During these years, I traveled to :

Bangkok City

Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur, India

Around Jaipur City, India

Amber Fort, Jaipur, India

Jaigarh Fort, Jaipur, India

Hawa Mahal, Jaipur, India

City Palace, Jaipur, India

Choki Dhani, Jaipur, India

Delhi, India

Fitness Party, Bangkok

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai Zoo, Thailand

Doi Inthanon Mountain: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Kirimaya Paradise Ecotourism : Chiang Mai, Thailand

Bangkok New Year Party

Haridwar, India

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Asiatique Market: Bangkok, Thailand

Chokchai Farm: Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand

Grand Palace: Bangkok, Thailand

Jomtien Beach: Pattaya, Thailand

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market: Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Sriracha Zoo, Thailand

Tiger Temple: Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Vientiane: Laos

Phuket, Thailand

Hong Kong

Guangdong: China

Nanhai, China

Shenzhen: China

Bangkok With Sister

Shiva Temple, Bangkok

Pattaya With Sister, Thailand

Koh Yao Noi Island Day 1 : Day 2Day 3 , Day 4 in Thailand

Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand



Written by Ajay Kumar
An Indian Living in Bangkok, Thailand. By profession, I am an e-Business Consultant & Entrepreneur. My Hobbies are Traveling & Living a Healthy Lifestyle.