Chapter 5 : Life Was Moving (1995)

Further, continuing as I previously said that my BA- 2nd year (Bachelor of Arts) was cleared along with that my six months computer course was also completed. That boost my confidence at a different level, I started getting positive feelings towards my life that I can do something in life. I still remember that my cousin who has motivated me to do a computer course was living in Chandigarh and working as a Data Entry operator. One fine day we had a conversation and he said that Ajay why don’t you come here in Chandigarh and explore the place, if you like it then you can get the job of Data entry easily over here, as you completed a six-month course of it. Ajay if you want you can stay with me in Chandigarh.

So I became happier while hearing such words from my cousin. I took leave of 2-3 days from my current job and went to Chandigarh to meet him. I like the place, it was neat and clean with a nice environment and saw his working place as well. My cousin said that if I will search for the job I will definitely get the job and that is of Data entry was fixed, which is of 3 to 4 thousand rupees. So I said okay let me get back to Saharanpur and I will plan out everything and will get back to you. My cousin agreed to that.

Chapter 5 : Life Was Moving (1995) 1

I came back to Saharanpur and talk to my mother and family that I want to shift at Chandigarh, so at least for a month, it will take time for me to adjust myself and to search for a new job. If everything works out as per plan then I will stay with my cousin and my new phase of life will get started. Everyone agreed with me and supported me for this. After completing my BA second year, it was mid of 1995, so I packed my suitcase with 2-3 pairs of clothes, I don’t have many clothes at that time. Then I catch my Chandīgarh bus and reach over there when I went to his room I saw it was locked. His grandmother used to stay over there so I asked that where is he? She replied that he went to Jagadhri, as he got a new job over there. Jagadhri is near Saharanpur which is located in Haryana.

His grandmother will also shift in  Jagadhri after certain time periods, so I was completely shocked that I have left my job and came over here, having hope in him that he will help me out for the job. While he went away to his hometown without informing me. I was completely burst out in anger and from the door side, I went straightway to the bus stand and took a bus for Jagadhri. When I reach Jagadhri at his place, as he was the son of my aunty. I went to my aunt’s house and told him all the scenes that I went to Chandigarh and he was not there, then came back over here, my cousin said that he suddenly got a good opportunity at Aptech center for the post of teacher, so grab it and shift over here.

So I asked him that his life is set but what about mine, there was no one in Chandigarh where I can stay, no room, no friends, nothing. He was helpless and I was blank and can’t get back to Saharanpur as well, so for one day I stay at Jagadhri and was thinking something. I called my maternal uncle as he was living in Dehradun, where my Grandmother and father stay. I explained all the scenarios of mine and was helpless for now, my maternal uncle said that come here to Dehradun and try to search out the job. So I catch a bus from Jagadhri to Dehradun and reach to my uncle’s house. I was very close to my maternal uncle and use to spend my vacation with him only. Kind of my journey started with food and living I don’t have to worry about.

Chapter 5 : Life Was Moving (1995) 2

I don’t even have much amount in my pocket, near about 200 to 400 rs was there in my pocket. Then I started thinking that now what I need to do, so ask uncle about it and he said that there was one of my friend who does computer work, you can contact him. I went to meet that person but nothing works out, as at that time the computer was not that popular among people, and few people work on it. So the chances of getting a job were less. Then 10-15 days passed away like this, I use to read the newspaper on daily basis including local classified news, so one day I saw an advertisement that we are looking for a data entry operator, straightway I took my bicycle and went to the mentioned address. My interview went good and the job was fixed by 1000 rs/month.

I agreed for the same and was very happy as my work was for 3 hours only including a hike in salary and have to sit and work. I share this good news with my family and with their support I started my job, for 2-3 months I work enthusiastically. I was getting my salary but after 3 hours of working I need to do something else as well, so at that time a Graphic design course was there which was known as DTP (Desk-top Publishing). People suggested that for programming less job opportunity was there while for DTP which was in demand. As in DTP, one has to design a logo, book, etc., and DTP was of 3 months course only.

Chapter 5 : Life Was Moving (1995) 3

As always I asked my maternal uncle for this and he said if you want then do it. But I said that till I save money for my next semester, it won’t be possible to do, as I requested my teacher that I will hold this semester till I save the money for next semester’s fees. Now this DTP course fee was 1800 rs only, so my uncle agreed and supported me. The class was near to my home and the name was Graphic Era institute and it was newly opened. So every day one hour I use to attend class over there, 3 hours at my job. While at the Graphic Era institute I use to attend two hours of a class including one hour of practical, so I always use to ask a teacher to vacant one computer for me. I was very interested in the graphic as well.

Chapter 5 : Life Was Moving (1995) 4

Now my whole day uses to spend like this only, I learned DTP with a lot of passion. So after 2 months the year was about to over. Life was passing like this only with work and class. Graphic Era institute uses to post the notice for the vacancy available in the company. I saw that the vacancy needed for a programmer and another was for a graphic designer needed, so my sir ask me that in which vacancy I am interested. I said that I will go for a programmer needed vacancy, as the graphic course was still going on, so sir hand-over me the letter and ask me to appear for an interview.

Actually, that was a doctor’s clinic and they want a programmer for some internal small software building. I appeared for the interview and the doctor’s wife took my interview, she gets impressed with me, kind of good bond, and then the doctor came, we talk and he also gets a kind of connection with me. So they agree to keep me on work and ask me to join from tomorrow on 1500rs/month’s salary structure. I was very happy, at the end of the year, I got a job that I was looking for and shared my happiness with the family. They too became happy. My first job in Dehradun was started finally which was my dream and life was going pretty well and smoothly.

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Written by Ajay Kumar
An Indian Living in Bangkok, Thailand. By profession, I am an e-Business Consultant & Entrepreneur. My Hobbies are Traveling & Living a Healthy Lifestyle.