Exploring Tegallalang Rice Terrace & Ubud : Bali, Indonesia (Jan’19) – Day 3

2nd Jan 2019 / I wokeup early morning 6 am and drove to Tegallalang Rice Terrace walk & some other sightseeing throughout the last day in Ubud, Bali.

Exploring Tegallalang Rice Terrace & Ubud : Bali, Indonesia (Jan'19) - Day 3 1

My Walking Story :

Today I am going to describe my last day at Bali, as I went to sleep early last night, so I woke up early. I search on the internet for my next destination to visit, I got a place called Tegallalang Rice Terraces in Ubud which was on my list before coming to Bali.

If one wants to enjoy the beauty of this place, then he/she must visit before the sunrise at this place. I got fresh and after getting ready I move ahead on my bike towards the place. It was around 10 kms far away from my hotel. During driving I was observing the morning vibe of the place, local people were going to purchase vegetable and other required household stuff, while markets were setting on, vendors putting their stalls and there was a bit rush near to my hotel as people use to come to purchase fruits.

One more thing I had observed over here in Bali that its vibe was totally different, a smell of their spices while cooking, or it might be a smell of nature that attracts me more. So, the early morning I reach the rice field and there was no one over there, as people use to come just for photography. Local people wear a hat and had a bucket attached with a wooden stick at the rice field. I would like to add a few more information related to this place.

Tegallalang Rice Terrace Walk

This was my last day in Bali and 2 of Jan 2019 having a good sleep in the lap of nature. I woke up early in the morning and went to the Tegallalang Rice terrace walk. Tegallalang Rice Terraces in Ubud is famous for its beautiful scenes of rice paddies involving the subak (traditional Balinese cooperative irrigation system), which according to history, was passed down by a revered holy man named Rsi Markandeya in the eighth century.

The Tegallalang rice terrace near Ubud is home to the most famous rice fields in Bali. A truly awe-inspiring sight, the beautiful green rice paddies stretch on for what seems like an eternity. I recommend this place to visit once if you are here.

I spend around one and a half an hour over there and enjoyed a lot, I capture a few photos posing like local people and of the beautiful surrounding. I was feeling like I am in the lap of nature. Fresh oxygen and cool breeze were soul-soothing which I like the most. I went back to the hotel at around 9 am in the morning to have my breakfast.

After done with my breakfast I took some rest and then I got ready to visit the city at around 11 am and my next destination was Campuhan Ridge walk. This place into the city only just three to four kilometers far away, it was full of natural beauty like walking from in-between nature. It was a hot sunny day and I was full of sweat, so I could not able to walk more. There was a huge old tree which was amazing.

Campuhan Ridge Walk

My next destination was Campuhan Ridge walk and further I would like to detail the place. This trekking path is located at the heart of Ubud, showcasing the true beauty of Ubud nature environment specifically Bukit Campuhan which is so clean and very good for walking and jogging.

When in Ubud there are many fantastic things to do. There are some nice walks, be it through the village, through rice fields or just a beautiful nature walk. It was a great experience walking in Bali. I explore the outside the city and some more temples around the area. I walk around one kilometers and explore the place, there was a statue of Asur, or demon one can say, it was catchy sculpture and further enjoy the greenery of the place. Then I came back and thought of driving to another side of Bali.

Driving Outside Ubud

The road was clean and nice, natural scene, observing the houses, local people, beautiful architecture and I was loving my driving on the path. I drove deep inside the village area to explore the village lifestyle of the place, while traveling is the only thing that makes me feel alive and happy. I drove outside the Ubud around 15 kilometers to experience their lifestyle.

Walk Around City Temples

It was almost 4 pm in the evening, so I went back to the city area and explore a small few city temple. The architectures of all the temples were almost the same consist of the sculpture of Hindu God and Demon, while few temples have royal seats just like it uses to be during the time of king. I had captured several photos of all the locations I visited. The weather was lovely. After that I went to a restaurant to have tea/ coffee, I got to know that there was a market which opens during evening time. The market is known as Art Market, while I spend around an hour over there and did little shopping as well, adding some more information related to this market.

The Art Market is a wonderful spot to discover lovely silk scarves, lightweight shirts, sculptures, kites, handicraft woven bags, baskets or hats, plus several other hand-crafted goods. Locally recognized as Pasar Seni Ubud, the market is opposite the Puri Saren Royal Ubud Palace also opens daily. While shopping here is not always concerning an actual purchase. Observing the various items on display from one stall to another is a highlight on its own, explaining the craftsmanship plus the artistry of the Balinese. Appreciating all the shops including stalls normally cannot be finished in 1 day.

Finally, I was done after this place as I had a next morning flight to Bangkok. But all I can say that I love this place and yes there is a positive kind of vibe over here, which makes people feel happy and good. I guess that is the reason tourist visit at this place and stay for six months, even I am going to revisit at Bali in the future. One of my favourite places, Thank you!

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Written by Ajay Kumar
An Indian Living in Bangkok, Thailand. By profession, I am an e-Business Consultant & Entrepreneur. My Hobbies are Traveling & Living a Healthy Lifestyle.