Walking Around Ramkhamhaeng & ABAC University : Bangkok, Thailand (Oct’19)

12th October 2019

I was walking around Ramkhamhaeng 24, area late at night. This area is full of students because of two universities are nearby. ABAC and Ramkhamhaeng Universities in Bangkok, Thailand.

My Walking Story :

Today I am going to tell you about my trip to Ramkhamhaeng & ABAC University: Bangkok, Thailand (Oct’19). I went over there on 12th October’19.

The Eastern Bangkok mostly holds equivalent to Ramkhamhaeng Road, while a higher traffic road that gets blocked each morning including evening with daily drivers working urban. Rising property costs in Sukhumvit have created this area more interesting to foreign emigrants in recent years, although viewing a farang is still a rare phenomenon. With a complete length of 18 kilometers, Ramkhamhaeng Road begins at Phetchaburi Road near Sukhumvit and finishes far in the northeast at the terminal with Suwinthawong Road (in the neighborhood Min Buri).

There are loads of shopping malls in the area, plus these are your best bet for arranging daily necessities. If you want to purchase affordable, there is an attractive street market running kilometers north along Ramkhamhaeng Road from The Mall Ramkhamhaeng 3. Numerous of the stalls only set up around 18:00, so the area is at its most energetic around 19:00. and expect endless stalls of clothes including accessories, mostly visited by local (female) suburbanites. While students keep roaming here and there, doing shopping and parties, one would be able to see the Muslim crowd as well because of which there were many halal eatery shops was available.

The local restaurants and shops were good to try and provide food at a cheap cost. Because of that numerous crowds were there, majorly of students, as ABAC University was there. ABAC University is an international catholic university. Because of college ratio of students are more over here. I loved to roam around exploring all places and shops, you can check my video which I have made, tried to capture as much stuff as possible. The place was happening and within your affordable budget one can explore this place, while there are plenty of coffee chains at the malls, including a Starbucks at The Mall Bangkapi.

Moreover, one can get around this vast district is sure to give plenty of stuff to explore such as Museum of Buddhism Art, Prasart Museum, Rama IX Royal Park, Wat Thep Lila, Major Cineplex Bangkapi, Major Cineplex Ramkhamhaeng, Safari World, Siam Park City and many more. And if you’re looking for a quick snack, nearly all the sois of lower Ramkhamhaeng have carts serving mild street food for 50 baht or less. Aimed at the locals, prices at these street markets are exceptionally cheaper than in common tourist spots.

All three The Mart shopping centers have a huge selection of series restaurants in all shapes plus sizes, such as Chlorophyll Bar and Grill, Na Phra Ram 9 Market, The Nine Neighborhood Center, Power Food Center, Sinthorn Steak House and many more. I like the food and drink very much and the malls were a great place to buy necessary stuff. So, till the evening and night, I tried to explore all the possible places. Beautiful place it is! Do check my blog and here my trip ends with good night sleep. I hope you liked it!

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