Walking from Chitom to Siam BTS Station Via Bridge : Bangkok, Thailand (Oct’19)

10th Oct’19 (Bangkok, Thailand) : Walking from Chitlom BTS Station to Siam BTS station on the bridge. This is the central area of Bangkok and you will find well know shopping malls along the street.

My Walking Story :

Today I am going to tell you about Chitom to Siam BTS Station Via Bridge: Bangkok, Thailand is one such place which I like. I explore this place on 10th Oct’19. Walking from Chitom BTS Station to Siam BTS station on the bridge. This is the central area of Bangkok and you will find well know shopping malls along the street. The Siam station is the cross-platform junction terminal for the BTS Skytrain in Pathum Wan District, Bangkok, Thailand. The most populous plus busiest station on the BTS with 40,000–50,000 passengers per day, it is where passengers on the Sukhumvit including Silom Lines change trains. While traveling from Chitom to Siam BTS station via bridge I explore many things such as there was one secret temple in Chitom where visitors come for prayers, one can see in the video which I have posted on my blog.

Furthermore, there were several malls on Siam’s side where I am going to visit. This Bangkok BTS Route Guide helps you explore all the interesting sites including activities surrounding each station so that you can get more extra out of your BTS-hopping experience within Bangkok. There are 2 major BTS Lines working center Bangkok: SILOM LINE travels of the west to south, combining the National Stadium in the Siam shopping area including Bang Wa in Thonburi (across the Chao Phraya River). SUKHUMVIT LINE travels north to east of Ha Yaek Lat Phrao to Kheha, including most stations planned. The 2 lines gather at Siam Station, plus also connect at 4 points including the underground (MRT) – at Sala Daeng Station (Silom Line) and Asok, Mo Chit plus Ha Yaek Lat Phrao stations (Sukhumvit Line).

Further, a new train arrives every 3-6 minutes either so between 6.30 am plus midnight. The latest train leaves within 11.30 pm and 11.50 pm. Heed that trains can get a bit full throughout peak hours (from 7 am to 9 am plus from 4 pm to 7 pm) as the BTS has also become the favorite mode of transport for people living including working in Bangkok. The latter stations offer facilities (such as elevators) concerning disabled people: Mo Chit, Siam, Asok, On Nut including Chong Nonsi. BTS Tourist Information Centres can be seen at Siam, Nana, plus Saphan Taksin stations. A very instructive BTS city map can be picked up free from all stations. The fares and Skytrain Passes are the BTS Rabbit cards that are accepted to access all stations. Charges start at 15 baht per one stop. A one-day pass may be a suitable option for those thinking to do a lot of hopping on plus off for one full day. However, if you intend to be in Bangkok for a while, then it might be a good idea to purchase the BTS Smart Pass.

Nowadays no one sees newspapers or magazines anymore, the future of marketing is in severe focus while riding on the BTS Skytrain. No one views newspapers or magazines and it’s expected that 86% of passengers will look at their smartphones at least once throughout any trip on the BTS. The actual coaches are enhanced with marketing messages including branding, some of them completely ‘cast’ in the branding of paying organizations. The stations highlight a lot of screens including large form advertising as well as inside the carriages. I like this idea of marketing as well as creating awareness among the people related to any informative stuff. One more thing to remember that there are no restrooms/bathrooms/toilets in BTS or MRT stations or trains. Fortunately, there are so several malls by a few stations that you can just use their public restrooms on the way. Although the MRT including BTS is the quickest way to get around Bangkok, if your destinations are faraway apart, you may require to forward-plan your restroom visits.

One can check the video posted on my blog, as you can get a clear view of the place, people are wonderful over here, I had explained some places in the Hindi Language as well for Indians who wish to visit Bangkok. People were clicking pictures of the traffic side as the view was amazing. Anywhere you go in Thailand, a statue of King & Queen is built to give respect to every building. I have shown every single passage which leads towards Siam, because traffic people prefer BTS station, while I am going straight towards Siam Paragon, Siam Discovery and many more. So, it was good to be here and here is the end of my trip. I hope you like it!

5 / 100