Walking in Chocolate Ville : Bangkok, Thailand (May’19)



In May’19 I visited Chocolate Ville restaurant 2 times with my both sister’s. I love this place. However it’s outside city but relaxing atmosphere.

Chocolate Ville
Dining in the Park

Soi Nawamin 74, Yak 3-8, Kaset-Nawamin Road, Klong Kum Subdistrict, Bueng Kum District, Bangkok, Thailand

Chocolate Ville is a mini themed mall designed to look like an old European village, complete with chapel, barn, clock tower, railway station and candy-colored shops. Or it could be New England with the Maine lighthouse and the ducks. There are more than a hundred outdoor and indoor tables.

In Chocolate Ville, we can stroll around, and have dinner at the restaurant. And the good news is there is NO ENTRANCE FEE, yes it’s FREE!