Walking in Saharanpur : India (Nov’18)



Attended a cousin (Abhishek) marriage on 16th Nov’18 in Saharanpur . I visited this city after 10 years. Saharanpur is located in North India. Saharanpur city grew in a region named after a Sufi Saint Shah Haroon Chishti. It was founded by Sah Ranbirsingh, a Jain nobleman, who laid the foundations of the present-day city on the site of an army cantonment.

Situated close to the borders of Haryana, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh states, the city is surrounded by a fertile agricultural region that produces plentiful grains and fruits.

Saharanpur is known for its wood carving cottage industry as well as a thriving market for local agricultural produce, including basmati rice and mangoes. A variety of industrial enterprises are located here including textiles, sugar, paper and cigarette factories. It is about 550 km from the capital city Lucknow, 165 km from national capital, Delhi and 65 km away from Dehradun.