Exploring Santosa Island : Singapore (Apr’05)

13th April 2005 / Sentosa Island is a man-made island that was built for fun and recreation. The many attractions on offer at Sentosa include the expansive Resorts World, Universal Studios Singapore.

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My Walking Story :

Today I am going to describe Sentosa Island which is a huge theme park and it was my third day and I plan to visit Sentosa Island, where one can easily go by bus and cab. I woke up in the morning and got ready for the day trip, plus completed my breakfast sooner. By cab, I reach the Island and I just love the place, there were several activities that were there to complete.

The most enjoyable attractions in Sentosa Island all share one thing in common: fun, plus lots of it! This manmade park on the island, accessible via a short bridge from the central Singapore island, is jam-packed full of fascinating things to do, numerous of which are organized towards families with young kids. While Sentosa Island is renowned for its huge Resorts World, which includes many fun things to see and do. Sentosa is also home to all the most immeasurable beaches in Singapore. All highlighted attractions are easy to get to.

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I went to Sentosa Beaches it was beautiful and I like to be there, further, Singapore is well-known for its huge manmade developments that have instantly turned what was just a little jungle island into a sprawling city in just a subject of decades. Its shores are no exemption; the natural white sands one sees today on Sentosa’s coast are all the result of human intervention. Although technically manmade, there is zero fake about the soft sand, which is really imported in from nearby Malaysia.

Visitants can find everything to do, such as lounging at one of the numerous beach bars, throwing around in the simple warm sea, or just noticing a quiet spot beneath a palm tree with good work for the afternoon. I had my lunch over there and then I went to Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore: The Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore at Resorts World Sentosa has plenty of fun rides including slides to satisfy thrill-seekers of all ages. It also allows a variety of other water-based activities for those not so fond of plunging down huge tunnels or spiraling around enormous funnels in rubber rings.

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The waterpark offers 16 different attractions, including amazing adrenaline-rushing rides. Although the more different attractions like Ray Bay plus Rainbow Reef that allow one to get up close also personal with over 20,000 fish are what genuinely sets Adventure Cove Waterpark special from the rest of Sentosa’s never-ending menu of attractions. I tried few rides over here and enjoyed a lot, apart from this there was a number of best things there to have fun such as Skyline Luge Sentosa, Singapore Butterfly & Insect Kingdom, Sentosa Nature Discovery, Sentosa Golf Club, Images of Singapore, S.E.A Aquarium Singapore, Universal Studios and many more. I spend my whole day over there and feels so good and captured the number of pictures one can see on my blog. Further, I had my dinner and went into my room to sleep.

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The next day I plan to visit Singapore Zoo: The Singapore Zoo, previously known as the Singapore Zoological Gardens or Mandai Zoo furthermore now generally recognized locally as the Singapore Zoo, extends 28 hectares on the boundaries of Upper Seletar Reservoir inside Singapore’s densely forested middle catchment area. It is a huge zoo where my whole day went away, and numbers of activities are there to enjoy and capture into image form so that I can cherish them in the future. I completed my breakfast and visit over here, a day at Singapore Zoo goes beyond just seeing animals, one can feed the animals plus immerse in fun, up-close encounters. While made my visit extra wild over there by going behind the scenes and get closer to our wildlife! I also capture the images one can see; how nice it feels to be with them along with greenery surrounding us.

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I show camp activities for the kids which was very nice and help the kids to explore self-learning opportunities. The weather was cool and nice, I can feel the fresh oxygen because of the greenery environment. I am glad that I plan to visit this place as I got an opportunity to get closer and see the different animals, birds and plants and many more things.

I have captured the images of White tigers, Pygmy Hippos, and even naked moles rats, Zebras, and so on…  while animal shows are the huge portion of any visitors to Singapore Zoo, once the show is done, rather than jostling with the crowds heading towards the exit to see other animals and not to skip a chance to get photos to click along with them. My whole was spent in Singapore Zoo only and after that, I went to the city-sight to explore some nightlife of Singapore, further, I went to have my dinner in a restaurant and then after went to the hotel for sleep. The next day I have my flight back to Bangkok. Thank you!

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